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Published March 29, 2021

Beyond the Summit is back. In the middle of last week, the longtime Smash content collective announced the return of SCL – rebranded to Summit Champions League – for Season 2. 15 of the 16 invited players, respectively eight for each division, are listed below.

As far as tournaments go, Trif won Phoenix Blue Online, his first tournament victory of 2021 and only the second event he’s entered this year. Most notably for this tournament came the return of Ice, who beat Frenzy, RedBlaze, Nicki and Kins0 in a third-place run. It was Ice’s first time competing with Fox since he won the GMC Finals in Germany just a year ago.

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  1. Smash World Tour Deep Dives: Europe

Over the last two weeks, I’ve done deep dives into both of the predominant United States and Canadian regions for the Smash World Tour. For each of them, I picked 100 players to look out for and tiered them based on who will likely make their respective regional finals.

It’s worth putting a disclaimer here: my knowledge of Europe is nowhere near where it is for both NA regions. For this column, I reached out to Rich, Teroz and Pipsqueak, three people who I would trust to assess European Melee players.

Looking through the results, I also realized that my activity criteria for past editions of this column would not apply to the European talent pool. It’s just different. As a result, I have decided to weigh “activity” a little more forgivingly, while still rewarding players who attend a lot. Consider this list a mix of evaluating activity, looking at results in 2021, considering legacy, and “predicting” how players will perform moving forward. By no means is this a strict or definitive Top 100 EU Melee list. 

This, of course, will have grey areas.  I may choose to include a player who has only entered one event and done well vs. another player who may be around the same skill level, but did not perform up to their perceived skill level at their only event. Once again: this is an entirely subjective process in which I am going, mostly, off of my gut feel. Please feel free to take this with a grain of salt.

If you consider yourself a “notable” player and you don’t see your name included, it’s likely because of one or multiple of the following factors:

  • I do not think you are active enough or “likely to be active” over the next half of a year to warrant being included in this list. Examples of these players are Pricent, Amsah, Setchi, Makenshi, Tekk, voff3, Fat Tino, RedBlaze, Daydee, Poppmaister6000, and a bunch of other regionally ranked people who haven’t been active enough in 2021 to catch my attention, even if I know they’re good.
  • I made a misjudgment about your activity and applied an inconsistent standard to you that I did not apply to another player.
  • It was a coin flip between you and someone else for a final spot.
  • You might have behavior issues that have warranted your exclusion from this list.
  • I genuinely forgot about you.


  • Leffen
  • Trif
  • Pipsqueak
  • Professor Pro
  • Ice

Leffen switched to a completely different controller and within a couple of months, he beat the best of the continent. He is making the invitational spot with Mewtwo, let alone with new controllers.

Before Phoenix Blue, Trif only entered only tournament in 2021: Poilon’s The Upset. Here, he beat Jeapie, Kins0, Nicki, Frenzy and, most surprisingly, Solobattle en route to second place. He’s good to go.

Pipsqueak was the Melee Stats Player of January 2021, a Monday Morning Marth Breakout Pick for 2020 and a guest on Deep Dives before anyone outside of Europe knew who he was. Next.

When it comes to players who have ruled their region longer than anyone else, Professor Pro is near the top of the list. In a country that’s featured strong players from Vanity Angel to Frenzy throughout the ages, Professor Pro has been No. 1 for about seven years. Before his double DQ en route to ninth place at Phoenix Blue, Professor Pro won both events he’s entered in 2021 – beating Solobattle both times.

Yes; I’m putting Ice here. I don’t care that last weekend was just one tournament. As far as I’m concerned, beating RedBlaze, Frenzy, Nicki and kins0 is proof that Ice could be frozen in carbonite for three years and he’d still be disgusting at Melee.

Near Locks

  • Nicki
  • Solobattle
  • Frenzy
  • Jah Ridin’

Nicki disappeared for a lot of 2020 (or at least a seriously competing Nicki). In his time away from the scene, other German players, like kins0 and Rikzz, became darlings of Europe. But it’s hard to deny that Nicki is back this year. In the events he’s entered, Nicki has wins over MINT, Solobattle, Frenzy, Makenshi, Levingy and Pipsqueak. He’s easily at the top of this tier.

Solobattle turned heads when he beat Trif in late 2019 and continued to beat him in 2020. At the moment, he’s the top European Jigglypuff and best player from Finland. The best thing he has going for him is his consistency – he basically never loses to people outside this tier or the above tier of play. Also, did you see him basically solo all of Sweden in S.A.M.E. crews? The pun, sadly, was fully intended.

Frenzy has been quite active in 2021, and at larger European events, he’s basically always been in top eight. It’s worth noting that along with Pipsqueak, Frenzy is one of two people in the continent to eliminate Leffen from an event. The only person he hasn’t beaten is Trif. I predict he’ll get there at some point in the next year.

Jah Ridin’ has a case for being the best Luigi player in the world. In his 2021 tournaments, he’s beaten Timi, Rikkz, mayhem092, Yogurt, Levingy, Frenzy and Makenshi. Look back a little further and you’ll see October Poilon Arena, where he beat Professor Pro twice and took a set off Pipsqueak. Those wins are only going to look better over time.

Safe Bets

  • MINT
  • Levingy
  • Kins0
  • Jeapie

After years of being hyped up by Europe, the Irish Fox seems on the verge of a breakout. Earlier this year, he won a tournament over Frenzy and Solobattle. He’s cooled off since, in part due to a recent switch to playing on a box-style controller. Still – pretty much everyone I’ve talked to in Europe swears that MINT is the real deal, and if you’ve seen him play, it’s hard to disagree with it. Will 2021 finally be the year of MINT?

You can find Levingy at any given Netplay tournament every week; he’s one of the most active competitors. Before making top eight at Phoenix Blue last weekend, he took a set from Frenzy in a second place showing at a Seeding Paradise and he beat MINT at a March LEVO.

Kins0’s three European major showings have been pretty good, making top eight at all of them. So far this year, he’s beaten MINT, Jeapie, Niklas2912 and Jah Ridin’. I expect this list to only grow as the year continues.

Jeapie hasn’t shown us much in 2021. The former world No. 66 has beaten Niklas2912, Meady, and skullbro this year, but he doesn’t have any standout performances, as he seems to hover around ninth to 17th place. I’ve included him within this tier because most people in Europe I’ve talked to seem to think of him around this level. Knowing his established record, it’s hard to imagine him going the rest of the year without a big run.

Borderline Contenders

  • Timi
  • Niklas2912
  • Rikzz
  • Isdsar
  • skullbro
  • Mahie
  • Meady

Timi’s only entered three events in 2021, though all of them were big ones. The first two were modestly impressive showings: a seventh place at Valhalla Online where he beat Charlon and Levingy, and a ninth place at The Upset, where he beat Meady and MINT. He had a bit of a setback at Phoenix Blue, where he finished in thirteenth, but let’s see what the rest of the year holds for the top Austrian player.

I know what you’re thinking: how can a Young Link be high, let alone someone who isn’t technically Top 10 in his own country? Surely, it must be low tier bias. First off, I hate low tiers. Second of all, look at Niklas’ 2021 resume. In eight events, he’s beaten Frenzy, Meady, Rikzz, maXy and Liax. His results are undeniably good and he deserves to be seen in contention for the Smash World Tour’s European regional finals.

Rikzz is the third German Fox I have mentioned so far. A usual lock for Top 24 at any EU event he enters, he’s had a bit of a quiet 2021. His only performances have been a 13th place at Valhalla and a 17th place at Phoenix Blue. Given how much better Rikzz got in 2020 from previous years, he can make his way up this list of players; he just has to enter more.

Speaking of which, Isdsar, the former No. 1 in Greece and current U.K. Captain Falcon, entered only one event in 2021: He did pretty well here, finishing in fourth place and with victories over Levingy and Jah Ridin’. Isdsar, if you’re reading this, please go to more tournaments. You’re too good to be inactive!

Now’s as good of a time as ever to buy skullbro stock. The current best Doctor Mario main in Europe – and maybe the best active rollback Doc in the world – is fresh off a ninth place performance at Phoenix Blue. Here, he beat Charlon, Timi and Levingy. It’s not just one tournament either. He sent Mahie to loser’s bracket early at Valhalla and, like Jeapie, is a good bet for Top 16 at any big European event.

Mahie had a rough start to the year, though it’s worth noting that he has switched to using a box-style controller. His Phoenix Blue showing – 13th place, with victories over Humpe and mayhem092 – was a good return to form. I’m inclined to think this, as well as his first places finishes at the Rockball Tournament series, is more indicative of what we should expect from the active French No. 1.

Is it too soon to put Meady up here? Maybe, but this column is called Monday Morning Marth for a reason. It’s not surprising that I believe in a rising Marth player. To start the year, the Gothenburg upstart beat skullbro, Levingy and Calle W at each of his first three tournaments. After a brief slump, he came back with a bang at Phoenix Blue, where he nabbed a set over Timi and beat max before losing a heartbreaker to Levingy for 13th place.

Wild Cards

  • Humpe
  • mayhem902
  • kingu
  • NinjagoFan72
  • JohnnyFight

The year could be 2030, and I would still never count out Humpe.  The Swedish Falco has played Melee for as long as I can remember. Nothing like a ninth place through a big losers run and a Jeapie victory to remind everyone why they should never sleep on you.

Speaking of old school players, how about mayhem092? The Finnish Fox has been quietly making Top 32 and Top 16 at whatever he’s entered in 2021. His best performance is either his ninth place at Valhalla, where he beat Jeapie, Charlon and voff3, or 13th place at Phoenix Blue, where he took a set off Niklas2912.

kingu is one of the most active EU players you can find in 2021. He’s a Jigglypuff from the U.K. who has been one of the more active players over the last couple months. So far this year he’s beaten Levingy, Meady, and Niklas2912. I see him only getting better as the year continues.

NinjagoFan72 hasn’t been too active in 2021, but the few performances he’s had cements him in this tier of play. What’s not to like about wins over Niklas2912, Meady, Kingu, mayhem092 and Calle W? You might not see his name as often as other ones around this tier or beneath him, but he’s someone to look out at any event he goes to.

JohnnyFight has entered only one tournament in 2021, but it was good enough for me to include him here. It was last weekend, in which he finished in 17th place at Phoenix Blue, where he beat nebbii and Vivi. The current No. 1 of Gothenburg will need to enter a lot more to cement his place in this tier, but I am a pretty big fan of him. I’m willing to admit that I’m applying a totally unfair standard for him that I am not doing to other players.

25 Outside Shots (No Order)

  • Sverre: Really strong Norwegian Captain Falcon who sadly hasn’t been too active in 2021 – kind of like mini-Isdsar.
  • Calle W: Longtime top Swedish Falco; has been quiet this year but is a perennial Top 50 player in Europe.
  • 4tilt: Current No. 1 player Bavaria, Germany; has finished in 17th place at the last two EU majors and eliminated MINT from Phoenix Blue.
  • raoul: French Fox who wasn’t at Phoenix Blue, but has been very active in 2021, with wins over max, Sverre, Liax and Kingu.
  • Poilon: Namesake behind the Poilon Esports; also a very good French Falco with a 2-0 record vs. mayhem092 and a win over max in 2021.
  • Charlon: French Fox player who consistently makes Top 32 at big EU events he enters.
  • max: One of the most active up-and-coming U.K. players; a Sheik who trends positive on the rest of mid-level Europe and is a safe bet for top eight at smaller locals.
  • Paju: Finnish Peach player who beat Calle W at Phoenix Blue and had a nice run to 13th at Valhalla, where he beat Gr4pe, Laurster, Pi and Humpe.
  • Liax: One of the top non-Trif players from Spain; an attendance monster whose best performance this year was a third place run at LEVO in which he beat Niklas2912 and Levingy.
  • King: Rising German Falco who won a couple noteworthy EU locals over dronin and Gabe; just finished in 25th at Phoenix Blue.
  • Gabe: Norwegian Captain Falcon who has ramped up his activity in March and just beat MINT.
  • Gr4pe: Gothenburg Fox; has split sets with Paju and hovers around Top 32 of events he enters
  • Laurster: U.K. Peach who beat Vivi, Velani and Verdant this year (apparently he powers up when his opponents have tags that begin with V).
  • Sharp: A Swedish Peach who is pretty consistent against the mid-level of Europe; basically like “Peach Charlon.”
  • Parsec: Another German Fox player who  previously beat Paju, Yogurt, Charlon and Sverre this year.
  • Jim Morrison: A consistently strong Dutch Fox who trends overwhelmingly positive against people beneath this tier; finished just outside top eight at Valhalla.
  • dronin: German Captain Falcon player who had a great Phoenix Blue, beating Charlon, Rikzz and 4tilt; previously took a set off King at Sunday Beatdown.
  • Mythra: A very active Norwegian Ice Climbers who is a good bet for top eight at Seeding Paradise locals; has wins over Jim Morrison, kingu and Max.
  • Psylo: French Falco player with wins over Liax, Gabe and Velani in 2021; had a strong 25th place at Valhalla, where he beat Leck, Widl and NinjagoFan72.
  • R23: Longtime solid U.K. Sheik with victories over King, Psylo, Gr4pe, Laurster, and Jim Morrison.
  • nebbi: Former Top 100 Yoshi player who switched to Mewtwo and beat Gabe with him; clearly still good at the game.
  • King Funk: Has long been near the top of Denmark; a very consistent Falco who has been in the Top 50 of Europe for quite some time.
  • Moe: Another top Danish player – a Donkey Kong – whose sole 2021 performance was good enough for him to be included in this tier; it was a ninth place at The Upset, in which he beat Mahie, 4tilt and Timi.
  • Kaese: German Sheik player who DQ’d from Phoenix Blue and before that had beaten Yogurt, Paju and JohsyJam en route to 25th place at Valhalla.
  • $tijn: Former Netherlands No. 2; hasn’t had a great 2021, but is due for a rebound – he’s usually one of the best players in what’s considered to be one of the strongest European nations for Melee.

50 Sleeper Picks (In No Order)

  • Veldor
  • Fout NL
  • abbearv
  • ShiftingShadows
  • Squeachu
  • Nils
  • Aiika
  • abbson
  • Verdant
  • Velani
  • Okameed
  • Vivi
  • JohsyJam
  • Jormis
  • Meatzorz
  • Yogurt
  • Manio
  • Bose
  • Luan
  • Nuckels
  • LunarySSF2
  • Roryx
  • Apollo Bon
  • TimeMuffinPHD
  • Phade
  • Widl
  • CptNebula
  • Tellman
  • PhL
  • Schima
  • Weston
  • Noxxa
  • HoorayForJay
  • RestlessWhale
  • BlackH4ze
  • EuO
  • Raptori
  • Mezzy
  • Aiken
  • Pixel
  • Askeflink
  • Saile
  • lasse
  • Jamie
  • Rev
  • Happymealz
  • Zepple
  • Steff$
  • Random-Ness
  • Rich (dear Patron and friend of Melee Stats)

Just like last week, I’m sure that I missed a few borderline people who have technically been active enough to qualify for this list. Please don’t be mad at me if I made a mistake, didn’t include you, or didn’t include your friend in the bottom end of the 100 players!

For next week’s column, I’ll be previewing the Southeast Asia and Japan region – I’m not sure if I can list 100 players for them, but I’ll do my best to jot down everyone you should look out for.

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