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Published March 19, 2020

In any other modern year, this week would have marked the start of March Madness, college basketball’s annual final stage. Though the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis have put a halt to all in-person Melee events, we at Melee Stats are introducing another March Madness bracket in hopes of continuing the conversation about Melee.

Last year, we covered 64 of Melee’s greatest in-game moments, but this year we will be determining the greatest upset in Melee singles history. At this point, we’ve had just about two decades’ worth of memorable results, and we’d love to see which ones stand out the most among our fans. To see the challonge link:

Before moving forward, we’d like to acknowledge that while creating this list, we ran into a difficult roadblock of trying to determine our “results” pool. We also made a collective decision to exclude the “breakout” wins of players like the Five Gods of Melee, Leffen and Plup, as well as central figures of the Smash documentary (Ken, Isai, PC Chris, KoreanDJ, Azen) due to their long-established prominence in the scene. While we cherish results like Armada’s initial Genesis run or Mango’s Pound 3 performance, in our March Madness bracket for 2020, we wanted to emphasize results that were truly miraculous.

Day one starts next Monday. To vote on this, and see what’s up for voting, join the Melee Stats Podcast Discord server, and vote in the #Melee-Madness channel. We hope to see you there.


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