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Published November 12, 2021

Weekend Headliners

Mainstage 2021

Region: SoCal (Offline)

Main Stream: Btssmash

Featuring: Hungrybox, iBDW, Wizzrobe, SFAT, S2J, n0ne, Axe, KoDoRiN, Captain Faceroll, Fiction, Gahtzu, Ginger, Kalamazhu, Logan, Magi, Lucky, Jflex, Zamu, Albert, ARMY, KJH (the return!), Drephen, Eddy Mexico, Essy, Android 0, Shroomed, Zealot, Medz, Cactuar, FatGoku, Rocky, Ka-Master, Dacky, Aura, Bladewise, Panda, Krudo, Fizz, Skerzo, Casper, Chillin, Lovage, NUT, Squid, Tai, Franz, Far!, Null, Smashdaddy, Elliot, Ringler, SFOP, Unsure, TheSWOOPER, Azel, BillyBoPeep, SDJ, Goomy, Kevbot, Conman, Umarth, Alex19, OkayP., Komodo, Ycz6, MegaXmas, Kata, Prof, Squible, Wevans, Dimension, Ober, NICK FFFFFUCKING YINGLING, ROM, Snap, Preeminent, SpacePigeon, CPU0, Voo, ilovebagelz, Reno, Vish, Captain G, Soccermom69, Savestate, Vinodh, Xela, Logos, MattDotZeb, Gooms, ManRay, Toph, NathanSandwich, Steech, Den, Chango, J666, Wieners, Webwipe, Fliinchy, Lowercase Hero, Killablue, Arcadia,  Blargh257, YokaiNels, Elemental Penguin, YamHam, SELF-FLAGELLATE HIMSELF & several players from Chile, as well as MANY more!

SWT East Asia Melee Regional Finals

Region: Japan (Offline)

Main Stream: VGBootCamp

Featuring: aMSa, Shunsuke, Shippu, Deft, Sanne, Muro, Sheik, Falpan, Massun, Futsuka-Miman, Ingenn, Plata, gaR, Vugzi, A&B & Sourdough fighting for the 3 SWT Finale spots up for grabs!

Fri. (11/12)

Sat. (11/13)

Saturday’s the weaker day this time, so again time to shout out gay people. We’re all super duper valid and worth basic human rights. Oh also legalize abortion, bodily autonomy folks! I’m gonna keep being political here. Uuuuh…yeah my brain’s not working right now so that’s it. Still though, GAY RIGHTS, TRANS RIGHTS, WOOOOO!

Sun. (11/14)

  • The Wiri Store Melee Tournament #2.5 (Offline)
    • Featuring: The return of a legendary tournament for the best hidden boss region in the world, the Dominican Republic! Complete with a NEW IMAGE TO PUT ON THE ARTICLE WOOO!
    • Stream: No stream but I always love shouting these guys out.

  • LGBT Season 2 Episode 1 (Online)
    • Featuring: A bunch more gay people! What, you thought Saturday was it for the gays? NO SIREE, WE HAVE A NEW LOGO AND EVERYTHING!
    • Stream: Meleesadposts

If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Twitter and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Melissa “Bro Kingdom Hearts 2 is so good holy shit” Blight, and I can be reached on Twitter @GCH_Pikachu942.

Also, shout-outs to my assistant, Self “Finished his work earlier than me this time” Flagellate of the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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