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Category: Podcast

Deep Dives Episode 20

MS Podcast

Fresh off of his fourth place at Smash Con 2019, lloD joins Wheat to discuss what may be 2019’s craziest major. They go over some of SSC’s wacky upsets and breakout players, as well as what the top three may look like right now. lloD also opens up about his future in Melee, his skill level currently, and Melee’s current highest ranked Peach player, Trif.

Deep Dives Episode 19

MS Podcast

It’s the summer of Smash and we CON’t CONtain our exciteCONment. Without pools being officially released, this Smash Con preview goes over lower level players ready to make a splash at Smash Con, interesting top 32 matches and…funny stories about making top players uncomfortable? Join Ambi and Wheat on a laid back episode as they preview MDVA’s summer major.

Deep Dives Episode 18

MS Podcast

Cheers! Wheat is joined by Phoenix Blue head TO Teroz to talk about what to look forward to at the UK’s biggest major this year. Along with FĂȘte talk, they discuss the latest editions of the MPGR and the upcoming European top 50, Teroz’s own Phoenix Blue Rankings.

Deep Dives Episode 17

MS Podcast

It’s the rankings episode! Wheat, EdwinBudding and Pikachu942 come together to talk all things Top 50. Who missed the cut? Who made the list so far? Ballot reviews! If you’re looking for something to help you bide the time until the final rankings are released, this is it!